Product Services

home-11Chaikowsky Jewelry Appraisals, LLC is multifaceted in many aspects of the appraisal business. We provide many services, which include:

  • Verbal Estimations & Confirmations on Purchases
  • Verification of Gemological Laboratory Grading Reports
  • Consulting Services:
    1) Diamond Buying
    2) Selling – What you can expect in a certain market (i.e. internet, auction, jeweler, pawn shop etc.)
  • Types of Appraisals:
    1) Insurance- Scheduling Insurance for Coverage or Making a Claim (CasualtyLoss)
    2) Estate- Settle Inheritance of an Estate, Equitable Distribution, Federal Estate Tax or State Inheritance Tax
    3) Purchase Confirmation (Quality vs. Value) – Items purchased at Auction, Internet, Cruise or are looking to purchase.
    4) Divorce- Division of Property/Equitable Distribution
    5) Liquidation- Distressed Sale (Immediate), Forced Sale or Orderly Liquidation

What do you do during the appraisal process and what information is included in the appraisal document?

  1.  All Item(s) will have a detailed description.
  2. Diamonds and Gemstones that are mounted will be appraised as such (mounted). If you would like to have your diamond or gemstone appraised loose, before being mounted, we will do so and then finish the appraisal after the piece is completed (mounted).
  3. Gemstone(s), including diamonds, are counted, identified, color and clarity graded and measured with an estimated carat weight (mounted items). Measured weights are only specified on loose stones. We do not remove mounted stones. Diamonds over ¾ ct. will have a plotting diagram, showing internal characteristics. Diamonds are color graded using a 7 stone Diamond Grading Master Set, fluorescence and cut proportions (such as table, culet, depth %, etc.) are noted.
  4. Metals are tested (prongs, mounting and all findings) with results stated.
  5. Karat marks, Hallmarks and Company Trademarks will be noted. The appraiser will identify any known marks and will list companies and any style numbers of items when possible.
  6. If you have any independent gemological laboratory reports, these will be checked, verified and scanned into your report behind the appraiser’s own opinion.
  7. Every item is photographed at least in one position. Rings and special items will have more photos to show detail of item.
  8. Value is listed for each item.
  9. A signature by appraiser with company embossing seal.
  10. The finished appraisal document will be presented in a professional portfolio and will be accompanied by an extra copy. Each appraisal reflects your specific intended use and will contain supporting documentation stating such.
  11. You may schedule your while you watch appointment in our office or have your items appraised in the convenience of your own home, office or banking facility.

Are you located out of the local area and would like us to appraise your item(s)?

Please Contact Us for mailing instructions and information that would be pertinent to completing your appraisal in an efficient manner.

Fees are charged by the hour, a minimum may apply. Call our office for an estimate on your appraisal report. It is unethical for any appraiser to charge a “contingency fee” or a percentage of the value.

A thorough inspection is made of your item(s) during the appraisal process. We clean and check all item(s) and if we notice something wrong with the integrity of your piece, such as a prong missing, we will inform you.