Appraisal FAQ


Q. May I wait and watch my items being appraised?

A. Yes. Items may also be dropped off, mailed or in the convenience of your own residence, office or banking facility.

Q. Do you buy or sell jewelry?

A. No. We do not buy or sell. We are an independent appraisal service, and do not want to compete with jewelers who often refer many of their clients to me. If you request selling information at the time of the appraisal, we will assist you and refer you to a potential buyer or other avenue(s) for liquidation.

Q. I need an update on my appraisal(s) for my insurance policy, do you do this?

A. Yes. If the appraisals are from Chaikowsky Jewelry Appraisals, LLC, we will re-inspect your items, noting any changes that may have occurred, such as mounting alterations or damage, and update any new and pertinent information. The fee is by the hour. Normally, less time is required due to the fact most information is already in our system.

If your appraisal(s) were done by another company or individual, it is company policy that all items be inspected and evaluated by Chaikowsky Jewelry Appraisals, LLC. It is found that many previous appraisals (one page reports in particular) by others lack important information, such as, description of gemstones/diamonds, description of mounting, gold marks, manufacturer marks, diamond plotting diagrams and PHOTOGRAPHS.

Q. Do you appraise other items of personal property other than jewelry and watches?

A. Items that are out of my expertise will not be appraised by Chaikowsky Jewelry Appraisals, LLC. We will consult other appraisers who have knowledge and expertise in those types of personal property.

No appraiser should claim to be an expert in everything.

Q. A family member has passed away and I need an appraisal for Estate Inheritance Tax purposes, do you do this?

Yes, the type of appraisal you need is determined by your intended use. An Estate Inheritance Tax appraisal is different than an insurance appraisal. Estate Tax is based upon a Fair Market Value not Insurance Replacement Value. When reporting to the IRS and State Tax Authorities, Chaikowsky Jewelry Appraisals, LLC, is a “qualified appraiser”. All our “qualified appraisals” conform to current USPAP Standards.